Previous Fabrication Projects

Steel frame builing

Steel Framed Portal Buildings

We offer bespoke steel fabrication made on a custom basis, speak to us about your Steel Frame Portal needs. Fabrication is available for any size building or structure and we also provide complete frames.

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Builders beams

Structural Steels

In this fast moving world having materials on site when you need them is paramount, that’s why Worsdale Fabrication Ltd is pleased to offer a quick turnaround which is enjoyed by our existing customers helping them to keep their business running smoothly.

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gates and railings

Gates & Railings

Worsdale Fabrication Ltd has worked with home owners and businesses alike to create their gates and railings.
from traditional styles to sleek contemporary designs the limitations are endless. Beautiful gates and railings that are practical, secure, long lasting and completely bespoke to your own property.

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Balconies add a new dimension to upstairs rooms allowing access to fresh air and sunsets!

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Decorative Garden Steel

The use of metal in your garden can add structure and form, at Worsdale Fabrication Ltd we have been involved in many garden projects.

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Educational Settings

Worsdale Fabrication Ltd has worked within the educational sector, providing solutions which are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, whilst retaining the necessary strength and durability understanding the importance of these factors in school and college environments in conjunction with legislation.

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AerWorx Aerators

Aerators work quickly and efficiently to improve the soil, making the land more productive and reducing costs. Designed and built by Richard Worsdale.
Contact us to find out more.

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Goat Farm Backing Gate

Sometimes we get asked the question ” Wurz, can you make……?” Generally the answer is yes!
Read how we helped a goat farmer with a particular remit.

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Stainless Steel

Worsdale Fabrication we can supply and weld bespoke Stainless Steel items

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